How to Run A Successful RV Park or Campground 

Owning a campground or RV Park is fun. From hanging outside roasting marshmallow to fishing the day away, it can seem, from a distance, to be nothing but fun. However, it is also hard work. Here are a few tricks and tips we have picked up along the road from not only running our own campgrounds, but also from interacting with hundreds of owners/managers. 

1. Understand the Industry

We will start off the basics for those who are thinking about owning their own campground and RV Park. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the consumer’s point of view. This seems pretty straight forward but many excited new owners forget to do proper research. From staying at a campground as a guest to working one for a few weeks, you need to understand both sides of the isle. 

2. Create A Community

Having celebrations for July 4th and even ice cream socials help create memories for not only long term guests but short term guests as well. Creating a sense of community and even family, creates a atmosphere every one enjoys. One way to foster a sense of community is to offer simple things like hot coffee to people while they checkin or a postcard they can send to someone from your campground. 

3. Learn The Basics

If you are not a little versed in electricity and plumbing, take a class or two. Of course, you can hire someone but that can quickly add up. Knowing some of the basics can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of time. Plus, being able to offer quick solutions to your customers, will only keep them happy. 

4. Cleanliness Is Key

A lot of campground and RV Park customers hear about you through WOM. Therefore, your park needs to have clean facilities. If you do not have clean bathrooms or showers, you will loose customers - it is that simple. 

5. Don’t Make It Hard

Keeping everything as streamlined as possible for easy checkin and checkout can mean the difference between a good and great experience. Checkin is a customers first interaction with you and we are not talking about the day they arrive. Your impression starts when they book. Wether they book online or by phone, making it easy and comfortable is vital. Check out our blog on creating a great first impression HERE and if you do not have a easy to use online booking platform check out Bonfire.

6. Do It Right The Fist Time

If you are going to build, do it right, with the correct permits. What should have just been a $30 permit could end up costing you $300 in fines. If you build it right with the proper paperwork the first time, it will save your money and time down the line. 

7. Marketing For Success

Staying ahead of your competition is key and correct marketing can help. From having a strong Social Media presence to running strategic google ads, it is not impossible to standout from your competition. Click here to download Bonfire’s Free RV Park and Campground Marketing Guide.

8. Adding in Facilities

While marketing can help your campground grow, the addition of facilities such as a playground, a outdoor theatre, and ultimate frisbee courses also make you stand out. Not everything has to cost you money. Lunch and Learn for Campfire Cooking or Guided Hiking Tours can bring in a little extra revenue and a lot of attention. CLICK HERE to read about additional facilities your park could add.

Owning a RV park or campground is hard but rewarding work. We hope these tips help your park or campground have a successful year.