Free & Paid Activities You Could Add To Your Park

As a campground manager, you are always looking for the best way to combine the needs of clients and earn a steady revenue stream. The spring and summer months are fast-approaching, and with these seasons comes a renewed interest in spending time outdoors. Now is the time to start planning fun and interactive events at your campground to bring in both traffic and revenue. Below are campground activities that can be offered to your customers, either for free or for a set fee.


Let’s start with some free activities.


  1. Scavenger hunt - this is an event to promote in advance to make sure there are enough participants to split into at least two teams. If you have added new features to your park, be sure to include them as destinations within the hunt.

  2. Bingo - a large-scale bingo night could be a family-friendly event, or open to pretty much anyone. Find free templates for bingo cards here.

  3. Ultimate Frisbee tournament - Not only will this attract more customers one time, but by installing a mini course, you can attract people who are looking for more than just a campsite year-round.

  4. Guided hiking tours - add a charge for a pancake breakfast option, or group the two together as a package deal.

  5. Outdoor movie night - draw people in with a free movie, then set up a concession stand nearby where people can purchase snacks, drinks, and props to go with the movie!


5 Activities to Bring in Revenue


  1. Lunch & Learn for Campfire Cooking - this could be a great class (interactive or not) for customers who frequently camp on your grounds. Encourage everyone to make their next camping trip even more enjoyable with hot, easy-to-make food choices.

  2. Craft Day - make it a kid’s camp day so with tie-dye t-shirts, god’s eyes, etc., so parents can take the day off. Y can also offer an adult painting class or wine tasting while their kids are crafting.

  3. Glow hayride - customers can purchase glow sticks, necklaces, and other items for the hayride onsite before the event begins.

  4. Pool party & cookout - invite everyone for the free pool party complete with floaties, noodles, and other pool toys, then set up a poolside bbq station to sell hamburgers, hot dogs, sides, and drinks.

  5. Grilling competition - invite grillmasters from all over to come and show their skills; charge a fee for each competition entry, plus a fee for visitors that includes a certain number of samples of drinks. In the cold months, change it out for a chili cook off.


Besides revenue, the main goal of any campground activity should be enhancing the guest experience. Make sure they leave happy, and they will go out and tell their friends about it. No two campgrounds are alike, so think about that activities will work best at your park. The best learning experiences will come from branching out of your comfort zone to try something new for both your customers, and your park.