How To Help Long-Term Residents With The Upkeep of Sites & RVs

Trying to make your park more appealing to new guests while accommodating year after year tenants can be hard. Residents who have lived at your park for a long period of time can get used to old styles and rules. In addition, making sure their sites are kept up with in order to not bring down the overall look of your park can be nearly impossible. So, what are a few things you can do to combat push back from residents? Here are a few tips. 

  1. Each season and holiday gives you the chance to push residents to spruce up their site. By offering prizes in the form of rate discounts or even gift cards will make residents want their sites to look the best. Plus, competition normally will push people even harder. Everyone wants to be named the prettiest or most festive site. 

  2. In addition to seasonal contests, you can pair those with clean up days. You and your crew can designate a weekend to be all hands on deck, helping residents with bulk trash collection and basic cleanup. As a campground owner, you probably already own tools such as power washers. Let owners check them out and reserve times to use these tools for free. 

  3. Following the cleanup weekend, you can follow up with general upkeep rules. If your staff helps each resident start off on right foot, it is easier to put into place general upkeep rules following.  

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