5 Simple Things You Can Do NOW to Get More Customers

Whew... you made it through the peak of camping season. Now that you have some time to collect your thoughts (and hopefully your money), it might be time to start thinking about next year. Below are a few things to start considering to make next year's season even more profitable and the best experience for your customers. 

1. Internet Access

Back in the 1990’s, RV parks needed to be "modem friendly" - making sure guests had access to a phone line to occasionally check their email. But with changing times, "modem friendly" is now like having a "horse and buggy". 

Just as more and more hotels are competing for new business by offering "Free High-Speed Internet", RV parks and campgrounds are doing so as well. That said, the quality of wireless services has become a matter of growing concern to RV’ers. It's not enough to SAY you offer an internet connection -- you need to ensure it's a quality signal. That can be hard and we understand, but word of mouth is powerful, and one of the key things RV’ers discuss in forums and amongst themselves, is access to a quality wireless signal.

2. Simple Restroom Upgrades

Everyone uses the bathroom and if RVer's are traveling in a large group, they too will opt into using the group showers. Simple upgrades like good showerheads and enough clothe's hooks really make the difference between a negative and a positive experience. 

For example: In your showers are there ample hooks for hanging clothes AND a towel? And in the shower stalls have you provided some type of mat that your guests can use while drying off? Or may they be forced to stand in a puddle of water left by the last careless guest? Total upgrade cost per 5 stall bathroom: $200

3. Take Charge of your Website & Online Reservation Software:

Over 40% of people in 2016 booked their stay 1-5 days in advance and 24% booked stays the day of. Most people who are looking to book the day of don’t have time to call around. They are looking for convenience. So why not let your campground or RV park can give that to them while making money? 

RV park and campground online reservation systems are a must for this day in age. Luckily, sites like Bonfire makes it easy. People are used to having everything at their fingertips. They will pick the park easiest for them book.

4. Create a Newsletter or coupon to leave with customers: 

Sometimes people need a reminder to come back. A newsletter is a great way to do this. Tell customers they get a coupon for their next visit if they provide you with an email address. You'll be amazed how many folks will subscribe and it will keep them reminded that they want to come back. Check out MailChimp. It is a very easy service to use and set up. 

5. Show You're Serious About Pets: 

Nowadays pets are family and park's that treat these four-legged creatures well, get major brownie points. Simple things like having off-leash zones and water stations will really boost appeal. That said, no one will no without a website that highlights these amenities correctly. Check out Bonfire for all things RV and Campground website creation and park management software. 

Again, CONGRATS for making it through the peak of the season. It is never too early to start thinking about ways to make next season even better. We hope you found some of these things useful and please, let us know if you have any more tips!