Why your RV Park and Campground must take online reservations

Everything is online and everyone is online these days. That really is where this article should stop but if we still have not convinced you, here are a few reasons why your RV Park or campground needs an online reservation system. 

  1. There were 148.3 million travel bookings made online in 2016 in the United States. Of course, these were for hotels BUT why would you not think your reservations would go up if your RV Park or campground had an online booking system? It is time RV Parks and campgrounds tapped into the online reservation industry. 
  2. Over 40% of people in 2016 booked their stay 1-5 days in advance and 24% booked stays the day of. If your campground has a website and pops up a coupon code when they enter for 10% if they book now, they WILL book. Most people who are looking to book the day of don’t have time to call around. They are looking for convenience. So why not let your campground or RV park can give that to them while making money? 
  3. 30% of millennial worry that costs will rise if they wait too long to book their trips and yet 19% of consumers as a whole book their travel a week or less before their departure. This tells us that you can offer the same rate for those who book in advance but, better yet, you can charge more for those who wait. Bonfire, allows you to increase rates for dependent on time before booking. Although we would not suggest charging a heavy increase for those who trying to book day of, if your RV park or campground online reservation system charges a few bucks more automatically, that price increase could cover small costs such as wifi (which makes you more money). 
  4. 78% of people plan in advance for traveling during big days such as Thanksgiving, Memorial Day and July Fourth. If you accept online reservations and have a great website featuring the amenities you will provide such as free wifi, fireworks, and rentals, reservations will come pouring in. even if you miss out on a few bucks here and there, a full park means more money in your pocket.
  5. Even if you have never logged into Yelp, Facebook or Trip Advisor, there is a 95% your RV Park or campground is already on there. Having a website is crucial for these sites. You can link to your park’s website directly on these sites. A side note, you should also claim these pages in order to respond to not only your praises but also your negative reviews. People who are searching for your park will see these and not responding to the reviews reflects negatively on your park. 

RV park and campground online reservation systems are a must for this day in age. Luckily, sites like Bonfire makes it easy. People are used to having everything at their fingertips. They will pick the park easiest for them book.