5 RV Park & Campground Management Tips

Campground management is no walk in the park. Between checking in and out campers, to keeping up the grounds, there is little time to do general tasks such as keeping up with the books. Below are some of the best tips and hacks we have tried or read about to save you time and make your life easier. 

  1. Want to keep out noisy campers or those just looking to throw parties? Plaster FAMILY campground around everywhere. This always helps keep out people who are looking to throw big parties. If that isn’t working then institute a sound deposit that is 100% refundable if noise is kept to a certain level or there are no complaints. 
  2. When setting up wifi, ask your provider to restrict some sites such as streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and HBOgo. This will stop people from eating up all your bandwidth but still allow them to check social media profiles. 
  3. Make sure your campground or RV Park has a website you can take reservations on like this one. Your reservations will go up due to ease. Take advantage of some of the features campground and RV Park reservation management systems have such as pricing. Try adding a dollar or two to see if people are still willing to pay it. We are not saying to price gauge people, but if your prices have been the same for the past 5 years, it might be time for an increase. Adding in presale amenity packages such as kayak and fishing pole rentals is also a great way to make extra money. You can do this easily with sites like Bonfire which specializes in campground and RV park management software. 
  4. Don’t forget about the extra money that can be made with things like vending machines and make sure it is full of things kids love. They will definitely be the ones pulling the strings. If you position it by the pool, they will go flying off the racks.
  5. Give out next visit coupons as campers leave or enter. This will get them back to your park or they could hand them out to friends. 
  6. Make sure and make one to two new improvements each year. That way when repeat customers come back to your RV Park or campground and say “what’s new this year?”, you can delight them with something. 
  7. Use Facebook advertising to promote your campground. It is easy. All you need are a few great pictures, $20 and some creative wording. After logging into Facebook, click run an ad (you must have a Facebook page for your park). Click on “Clicks to website”. Then choose your state and ages 25-65. Type in camping and RVing in the interests column. Select your date range and how much you will spend. We recommend $20 over 1 week. Click next and add your pictures as well as wording. You will send them to your website URL where they can make a reservation. “It is too beautiful to sleep indoors. Get out of the city and into nature with us today", is an example of text. 
  8. Use Bonfire Software to make your life easier. From allowing customers to easily book online to keeping your books in order, Bonfire is a no-brainer. You can also access your notes, reservations, and receipts from any device. This makes it easy to go on with your day to day life while also managing your park. 

We hope these tips help you manage your RV Park and Campground easier. If you have any tips, we would love to hear them!