Holiday Tips and Tricks To Try for Your RV Park or Campground

The Holidays are right around the corner and although the seasonal guests are few and far between, now is the time to show your love for those who are long-term or stationary guests. You shouldn't stop there, however. The holidays are also a great time to attract new customers for next season and even reach out to old ones. Here are a few things you can do this holiday season for seasonal and non-seasonal guests at your RV Park or campground. 

1. Potlucks

You supply the Turkey or ham and have everyone else bring the side dishes. Eating, after all, is one of everyones favorite pastimes. That said, you might want to make a rule that you have to eat wherever you are throwing the feast as might want to take their plates to go. 

2. Holiday Decoration Contests

For long-term residents, you can even offer a prize for best decorated. Offering a $100 gift card to a local garden center will also help them upkeep their residence later only adding the overall look of your park. For those guests who are just there for a night or two, offer them a few decorations so they too can join in on the fun. The best thing that can happen is them taking a pic or two of their RV to show their friends! Word of mouth promotion is one of the best ways to get more customers. 

Now, we will shift to people not actually in your park. 

3. Holiday Mailers

Sending out postcards to past clients is cheap and effective. You don't need to sell them on coming back. Just saying Happy Holidays with a picture of your park will remind them how awesome their time was. Then, when they are looking to book again, you will be the first ones they think of. Don't forget to highlight any new features your park might have or will be getting soon!

4. Visitor Center Cookies

RV owners stop at visitors centers a lot. Dropping off a basket of cookies will only get you praise from the employees and hopefully, they will also plug your park in the future.

Although simple, these 4 ideas will not only get your residents in the holiday spirit, hopefully, you will end up attracting more clients for the peak Summer seasons. Happy Holidays from all of us at Bonfire!