10 RV Park and Campground Management Tricks You Should Be Using

Since launching Bonfire's simple reservation management platform, we have heard a lot of great management tips RV park and campground owners to use at their parks. We have also come across some "not so great" tips. Topics range from dealing with noisy tenants, to earning more money from passive income streams. We wanted to share these with ya'll. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Dealing With Those Noisy Campers

Want to keep out noisy campers or those just looking to throw parties? Plaster FAMILY campground around your park and on your website. Creating the sense of a calmer park, this will help keep out people who are looking to throw stay up late and party. If that isn’t working then institute a sound deposit that is 100% refundable if noise is kept to a certain level or there are no complaints. 

2. Keep Your Wifi Speeds Fast

When setting up wifi, ask your provider to restrict streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and HBOgo. This will stop people from eating up your bandwidth but still allow them to check emails, surf the web and check social media. 

3. Cracking Down On Speeders 

Have trouble with park speeders? If you use MPH signs, put them 5 mph lower than you want people to drive and add a fine if caught going over. Learn more about ways to deal with park speeders here.

4. Give a Little to Make Customers For Life

Give out “next visit” coupons as campers leave or enter. This will get them back to your park down the road or they could hand them out to friends. 

5. Using Ads to Bring in More Customers

In the US, over 110,000 monthly searches for “RV Park Near Me”. Chances are there are a number of RVers looking for a place to stay in your area. You can use Google search ads to capture these customers. Want a step-by-step on how to set-up your RV Park or campground’s ads? Click Here.

6. Keeping Up With the Jones

Trying to make your park more appealing to new guests while accommodating year after year tenants can be hard. Starting clean up days where you and your crew are all hands on deck might just be the push some people need. You can help with things like bulk trash collection and other basic cleanup. Additionally, as a campground owner, you probably already own tools such as power washers. Let owners check them out and reserve times to use these tools for free. 

7. Making Passive Income

Make friends with local establishments in your area. If they refer people to your park, they receive 10% of the total bill and vis a versa. In order to increase the amount you make, send follow up emails after a guest books their stay with suggestions of local restaurants and attractions you have partnered with. You can also offer brochures and business cards at your office. Guests will appreciate the advice and your partners will love the uptick in business.  For more on ways to make passive income from your RV Park or campground, click here.

8. Appeal to Pet Lovers

It's no secret that pet owners are willing to do anything for their pets - including choosing a campground that caters to them. Providing a dog run for your campers best friends will automatically make your campground a better choice than one without. If there are horse trails, competitions or rodeos near your campground having watering troughs and corrals for horses can open up your campground to business from a whole new type of camper. Click here for more tips on adding value to your RV Park or campground.

9. Simple Online Booking (shameless plug)

In today's world, everything is convenient. Planning a camping trip should be just the same. With Bonfire, reserving a site is quick, easy and efficient. When reservations are just a click away, campers will want to make them again and again. Click here to find out more about Bonfire’s Simple to use Online Reservation and management software. 

10. Make Your Life Easier (one more shameless plug)

How much is YOUR time worth? If you are like us, you want to automate anything and everything that will give you time back in the day to get thru your never ending To-Do list. By using simple software, like Bonfire to keep up with charges, take payments and management reservations, not only will you save time, but make running your RV Park simpler. Click here to learn about Bonfire’s 8 most useful tools offered on their simple to use software. 

We hope you found these tips and tricks helpful. Do you have tips of your own you want featured on our site? Fill out the form below and don’t forget your to include your RV Park or campground name so we can give credit.

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