4 Ways to Add Value to Your RV Park or Campground


For some people being able to connect to the internet at all times is an absolute necessity, even when camping. Many campsites are located in areas where there is little or no cell phone service so having Wi-Fi is a huge factor when choosing a campsite, if not the only factor. Being able to share experiences quickly also means more people talking about your campground and reserving sites.


Whether you're sleeping under the stars or in your air conditioned fifth wheel, nothing spoils a great day of camping like being able to hear your neighbor snore all night. If it's not possible to space your campsites further from one another, planting trees between spaces is another way to create a noise barrier and sense of privacy for campers. The more alluring the spots are, the more campers are willing to pay.

Amenities for pets

It's no secret that pet owners are willing to do anything for their pets - including choosing a campground that caters to them. Providing a dog run for your campers best friends will automatically make your campground a better choice than one without. If there are horse trails, competitions or rodeos near your campground having watering troughs and corrals for horses can open up your campground to business from a whole new type of camper.

Simple online booking

In today's world, everything is convenient. Planning a camping trip should be just the same. With Bonfire, reserving a campsite is quick, easy and efficient. When reservations are just a click away, campers will want to make them again and again.