How to Make Extra Money While Enhancing Your Guest’s Experience With Little or No Investment

Providing experiences and memories to groups of people each week is something that cannot be replaced. That is probably one of the reasons you own a campground or RV Park. But that doesn’t mean that all you are making money on is the nightly rates. Part of providing an experience to your guests is including other optional activities and, essentially, being a concierge. This provides an opportunity to generate revenue from multiple channels. Check out a few ways you can make passive income from your successful campground or RV park.


1.     Make friends with local establishments in your area. If they refer people to your park, they receive 10% of the total bill and vis a versa. In order to increase the amount you make, send follow up emails after a guest books their stay with suggestions of local restaurants and attractions you have partnered with. You can also offer brochures and business cards at your office. Guests will appreciate the advice and your partners will love the uptick in business.


2.     Sign up for affiliate marketing programs that benefit your guests such as Camping World, which offers specialized RV products and professional services to RV owners. Another program from RVShare, the world's largest RV rental marketplace, offers campers that don’t own an RV the opportunity to rent an RV. And you get a percentage of each transaction.


3.   Another great income producer is merchandise. And the profit margins can be high. I bet you or a member of your staff has created some catchy, funny saying that plays well with your campground name or just the camping industry in general. Why not make a t-shirt or flag out of it and sell those to your guests on check-in. You can get a simple design made by any college student or just use create it thru a shirt printer site like You can spend a hundred dollars and get a batch of 50 shirts made in only a week. There are dozens of merchandising options.

 You and your staff work hard to attract visitors to your community. Not only does this tourism benefit you, but every business in your vicinity. By leveraging your ability to speak directly to these visitors, not only can you help make your guest’s experience amazing, but also help your bottom line and create repeat business.

Do you know more ways to generate passive income while running a campground or RV Park? Let us know by submitting them below.

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