2017 Campground Revenue Breakdowns and what it means for the Industry.  

Total in Revenue: 7 Billion 


Annual Growth Rate: 1.9%


Total Spent on Camping Equipment: 2.8 Billion 


Number of RV Camping Participants: 42 Million 


While there are over 14400 RV Parks and campgrounds across the US, 50 accounts for approximately 25% of the revenue. So how can little guys compete with the larger competitors? It is simple - marketing and things to do. 


A lot of smaller campgrounds are getting cut out by the competition due to lack of marketing. By simply making people who are in the areas within 4-12 hours of you aware of your park’s amenities plus the local ownership, more people will book you over corporately owned places. Download a free Marketing Guide for RV Park and Campground Owners here. 


Campground rentals, sales of amenities and accommodations such as cabins account for 85% of industry revenue, so do not forget to stock up on things like bug spray, firewood, and noodles to sell in the camp store. If you have the money, investing in a few cabins, kayaks or mountain bikes is also a great way to make extra rental income. Learn more about ways to make money each season here.


All in all what these numbers show us is the Campground and RV industry is here to stay but making sure your park succeeds is up to you. Need marketing, website or reservation management help? We got you covered. Just email us at howdy@letsbonfire.com or click here to send us a message.