Attracting Fall Customers

Congrats! You have almost made it through “peak season”. At Bonfire we are constantly cooking up ways to make sure our client’s customers continue to come throughout the whole year. Having events on your website will make people excited about booking and will set you apart from your competition. Here are a few small and large things you can do to attract customers throughout the fall.

  1. Pig Roast - From Tiki Torches to lays, everyone loves a fun event involving great food. Make sure to invite the local crowd to showcase your park. WOM is some of the best marketing out there.

  2. Fall Festival - Invite local vendors and the whole town to come out. Make some extra money by selling small items like popcorn and snow cones.

  3. Chili Cook Off - Charge for team entries with a winner gets all prize. Everyone loves a little competition.

  4. Hayrides - People will drive for hours to go to a good hayride. Market it to grandparents who should bring their grandchildren and offer other fun activities catered around them during their visit.

  5. Veterans Dinner - Veterans deserve to be celebrated. Not only will you be doing good, but it also makes your business look good too.

We hope a few of these ideas make it into your park’s annual calendar. If you have any questions about Bonfire’s simple reservation management software, we would love to chat with you. Schedule a call or shoot us a message.