5 Things Every PARK Must Have For This Digital World. 

If you do not have a website, social media and the ability to book online, it is almost as if you don’t exist for the 83 million Americans between the ages of 25-35. Yes, we are talking about the dreaded millennials but speaking as one, we WILL NOT book if we can’t online. So here is a breakdown of the things we millennials want to see and what campgrounds must have to get our money. 

1. A website that can be used on a mobile phone. For RV Park websites especially, there needs to be a clear park map with facilities so I can pick and reserve the spot I want. Pictures drive my generation so great images are a must. If I can take good pictures for my Instagram, I am in. 

2. An online reservation system is a must. I don’t mind paying up front to secure my spot but I want the ability to do so when I want with the least amount of human interaction. 

3. Reviews. Even if you never created a yelp or Facebook page, you have one. Why? Anyone can go in and add a review or check-in to a place on Instagram, Facebook, Google, Yelp and Trip Advisor, which creates a page when they do. You should go in and claim it so when I go there, I will not only be able to communicate with you via social but also see other’s reviews and photos of your facilities. If you have a bad review, it is better to respond then not say anything at all. 

4. Electronic payments and receipts. My generation loves to save the planet and would rather have our receipts emailed to us anyways. You can get this ability with campsite and RV park management software companies like Bonfire. They also will handle the online reservation system for your park like discussed above. 

5. Wifi is a MUST. It can be slow or only good at one spot in the park, but we have to be able to access our emails. Most of us work remotely and have to be in contact with our clients often. 

From millennial to park owner, I hope this helps. If you have any questions about getting your park up to speed from website to management to park maps, Bonfire is your total solution! Click here to contact us for more info.