3 Ways to Make Extra Money In The Summer

Every successful business from high tech software to lawn services has several different ways to generate income. Your campground, without a question, offers services outside of just spot rentals. From the obvious kayak & fishing gear rentals to firewood, we have heard of hundreds of ways to make extra cash. Below are a few outliers you might not have thought of. 

1. Dog Walking - Dogs are like family these days and travel everywhere with their owners. Offering dog walking at a small fee while your guests are out enjoying themselves is a great way to pick up a few extra bucks, although in exchange you will have to pick up a little poop. 

2. Ponchos - When it rains, it pours and a lot of guests don't think about the bad weather when traveling. Offering rain gear via ponchos or umbrellas will keep your guests dry and happy. 

3. Milkshakes with all the fixins'. Pick up a milkshake maker for $30 on Amazon and get to cranking out those delicious ice cream treats. Stock up on cookie dough, Oreos, and fudge sauce to let people customize their creations. 

We hope the above 3 suggestions are helpful and would love to hear about other unique ways you make extra money during peak season! If you are interested in making extra money through passive income, Click Here to read through our blog about leveraging relationships to get more customers and making money in the process.