Customer Spotlight: Carol & John from Whispering Creek Lodging & RV Park in Newton, Texas

This month, Bonfire is highlighting Carol and John, the owners of Whispering Creek Lodging & RV Park, located just behind the “Piney Curtain” around Newton, Texas. Carol and John want all their guests to feel like they’re in the comfort of their own home. Whether it’s a friendly chat over a morning coffee or an extra set of hands to help clean a rig, the owners of the 15-year-old park want you to know that the “Whispering Way” means going the extra mile.

1. Carol, where is your park located?

“Whispering Creek Lodging & RV Park is located in Newton Texas, in the beautiful piney woods about 120 miles from Tyler, Texas. My husband John and I bought the park in November 2011. However, the park itself has been open since 2001."

2. How did you get into owning your own campground?

“We came into the industry the way I imagine many park owners come into it; we bought an RV and began travelling to different parks. Both my husband and I were in the medical industry but we had always thought it would be interesting to own our own business. We liked RVing so much that we decided to open up our own outfit.”

3. As a park owner, what is your typical day like?

“The main theme of a typical day is creating a family environment for our customers. We start our day by delivering coffee to the office in the morning and greeting everyone. Then, there’s the continual upkeep of the facilities. That might sound tedious but that’s really an extension of our efforts to make everything bigger and better for our guests. The highest compliment we can get from our guests is ‘this is so much like home.’”

Whispering Creek is a new Bonfire customer.

4. How has Bonfire affected your day to day operations?

“Bonfire makes everything easier. We’ve only had it a few weeks but it’s already made a big impact. It’s just wonderful…simple but very professional. Just like adopting any new technology and software, I was worried about setting it up and how we’d adapt. But that was completely overblown.”

5. What is one of the main challenges you face when operating your park?

“Our biggest challenge is finding new things for our guests to do when visiting for the season. Just like anything in the camping industry, experimentation and customer feedback are the keys to success.”

6. Can you tell us a few of the most satisfying moments for you while operating your park?

“Two come to mind. One was in 2012 when our state rep James White awarded our park the ‘Best-in-Business’ award. But there are also the countless times one of our customers have come up to us to say how comfortable and happy they’ve been during their stay with us. That’s the ultimate goal.”

7. If you could offer any last piece advice to others in the industry, what would that advice be?

“Research, research, research! Go out on the ground. Drive around. Talk to people. Find out what their day-to-day is like and see if they’ve been having the same problem as you.”

At Whispering Creek Lodging & RV Park, Carol and John have done their research. Their consistent efforts are fueled by passion and an unyielding standard to create a welcoming and inviting experience both for new campers and their veteran RV enthusiasts.

Reach out to Carol at Whispering Creek Lodging & RV Park if you would like to connect as well as share your own experiences.


Carol @ Whispering Creek Lodging & RV Park

Phone: (409) 379-8400