Why having a campground reservation software is a must these days

Having a great campground reservation system is a must in today’s modern world. In 2016 alone, 148.3 million travel bookings were made online in 2016 in the United States and 40% were made just 48 hours in advance.  Just look around at the back of huge parking lots and you will find many RVs in the morning hours. A lot of people looking to book the night of are looking for convenience and give up before finding a spot for their RV.

So why do most RV Parks and campgrounds still not accept online reservations? Let’s address some of the reasons.

Some are afraid of no-shows and a loss of money. However, requiring payment upon booking alleviates that fear. Most campground reservation systems, like Bonfire, allow you to require payment at booking.

Confusing integrations with RV park management software currently in use. Yes, figuring out how to seamlessly integrate your campground reservation system and whatever system you use to keep track of these reservations can be hard. However, a lot of systems handle everything for you. Our software, Bonfire, for instance, does everything for you. Once a person schedules online, their site is assigned to them and you are alerted. You don’t have to touch a thing. Bonfire’s system blocks out their stay including check-in and checkout on your calendar so you never accidentally overbook or don’t know when someone is coming.

User error. With people renting RVs or not knowing the exact spot they need, users booking the wrong site can happen. However, all online booking sites allow for customization of questions your park needs answers to in order to properly assign them a site. If something doesn’t match up, you can simply cancel their reservation or fix it.

Whatever RV park management software you choose to use, making sure it integrates with your campground reservation system is a must. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at howdy@letsbonfire.com.