Earn MONEY for talking about Bonfire with campground owners while you're out on the road. 

How it works:

Learn about Bonfire (training takes about 30 minutes to an hour)

As you travel from park-to-park, talk to campground owners and managers

If a campground seems like a good fit for Bonfire, simply refer them to us

Earn commissions when your contacts become happy customers!

That's it.  You're helping the campgrounds improve their business by connecting them with the #1 campground software while earning a little extra money for your pocket. Sounds good, right?  

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After the free training, you can choose to talk to park owners or you don't have to.

You are not under any contract with us. So, what do you have to loose?

What is Bonfire?

A simple park management software & campground reservation system.


Reservation Management

Campground Reservation Software

Integrated Payment Processor

Campground Reservation Software

Simple Online Booking

Campground Reservation Software

Reservation Management

The Bonfire online reservation management platform lets you manage your reservations all in one place.

  • View all reservations and guest details
  • Create new reservations and manage check-ins
  • Process deposits, reservation transactions, and extra services for each reservation
  • Reporting for efficient management of your operations

Dashboard Reservations

The dashboard shows all reservations for that time period. You also have transaction reports available.

  • Arrival Reservations
  • Departing Reservations
  • Core Industry Reports (Financial & Operational Reports)

Rack with Reservation Calendar

The rack reservation calendar shows you all the reservations for that period in a quick reference calendar view.

  • Color-coded for quick reference of guest status
  • Search reservations and repeat guests by name, phone number, or email
  • Start a new reservation manually


The editor lets you adjust all the detail about your park.

  • Park description
  • Amenities
  • Site and spot descriptions
  • Rate Changes
  • Hide sites from online booking
  • Setup online booking page

Online Booking Page

Using a dedicated webpage, you can showcase your available sites to online guests and capture a global market of campers looking for an experience like yours.

  • Dedicated booking site URL, attached to your website
  • BOOK NOW images for your website
  • Date range picker and park map reference (Not interactive)
  • Site listing with necessary information for intelligent decision-making
  • Add amenities to an online reservation

Payment Terminal

The payment terminal allows you to process transactions for non-reservation items such as rentals, store purchases, etc. The best thing about this is that you don't need a separate POS system to take payments.

Payment Processing

Bonfire has partnered with Ignite Payments to provide simple fixed pricing merchant services for all our Bonfire accounts. With the Bonfire Monthly Subscription, you have the option to use our merchant partner, Ignite Payments, OR you can use a provider that can connect with our technology gateway (PayEezy). This option is only available with the Bonfire Standard Plan. 


  • Cloud-Based - Access the from any device, even cell phones from anywhere with no need to download anything to multiple computers. This means no crashing. 
  • No Hidden Fees - One monthly fee, no set-up or support fees
  • 24/7 Support - Our US-based staff will always take your call. Even talk with the Head Hocho about your needs.
  • Accept Online Reservations & Payments - Making it easy for your customers to book when they come to your website. 
  • One-Click Checkin/Checkout - Manage guests, campsite amenities, deposits and print receipts with just a few clicks. 
  • Quickly add sites, features & custom pricing

Start making extra money by referring Bonfire to campground managers today! 

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