How To Deal With Park Speeders

For most, speed limits are just suggestions but when you manage a family campground making sure drivers adhere to speed limits,  can mean life or death. Below are a few ways you can ensure all motor vehicles slow down. 

1. Be strict. Make sure campers know there is a strict 2 strikes you're out rule. Speeding can be added to the list of violations like noise, alcohol-fueled shenanigans, and fighting. Although no one likes to be THAT owner who kicks people out, safety should always be a number one priority. 

2. Use cones. By placing cones in different patterns around your park, you force people to slow down to navigate around and between them. At night, place cheap LED lights ($1 at Walmart) inside the cones so they light up. 

3. Use speed bumps... and the closer together, the less chance they have to speed back up. RVers won't be too happy about them, but they need to go even slower than normal vehicles. On the downside, speed bumps can get expensive and while being installed, that section of pavement will not be able to be used. 

4. Signage. This seems obvious but we are not talking about MPH signs. "Speed and I will shoot out your tires" and "Speed limits are radar-enforced",  will get people's attention and by taking things to the next level, you will have a better chance of getting your point across. If you do use MPH signs, put them 5 mph lower than you want people to drive. 

5. What should you do when all else fails? Use a fake cop car. Yes, this is a little extreme but it seems to work for Monte Lake Resort. Click here to read more. 

Speeders are a nuisance for every park but by using some of these methods, we hope your park can keep speeding to a minimum.