RV Park and Campground Curfew Tips

Figuring out the right balance for curfews for your RV Park or campgrounds is tricky. Finding the right balance between residents and guest schedules, especially when one is there for leisure and the other on a more permanent basis, is hard.  Plus, there are many criteria to think about when setting curfews such as lights out, quiet times, your work hours and even checkin times.  

Here are a few things to think about when creating your “curfew” rules. 

  1. Remember check-ins and checkouts can cause a lot of noise if there are close campers or RVs around your new guests. From backing in to getting sewage setup, noise occurs for new arrivals. Therefore, if you know a lot of guests are coming in early, you could provide a complimentary breakfast and ask them to respect quiet time until your other guests are awake. This is particularly important over the weekends when people tend to sleep later.

  2. Working around your campground can be particularly hard especially when you are also relying on outside workers.  Not only do your residents need to adhere to the rules, but so do your workers. From routine maintenance to working on your RV, keep in mind anything prior to 8am on the weekdays and 10am on the weekends is early to most. Start with the light lifting and move on to the loud stuff after most are up. 

  3. In order to make your guests feel they have a voice, you could take a poll to see when most are awake and/or go to sleep. The rules are now for the COLLECTIVE good, not fit to one person’s individual preferences.

  4. People love to sit around a campfire, but keeping the fires and lights on can cause problems from other guests. 11pm flights out and 12am for fires is normally a good rule to follow. Of course, you can let it slide a little, but drinking around a campfire too late usually leads to louder activities. 

  5. If you feel your guests will not respond well to the “curfew” rules, it might be a good idea to ask ahead of time what their schedule will be like. You can adjust your park to have a area for those who think they will be up late sitting around fires and will be sleeping later. 

In the end, your rules should be based on your guests. Hog Heaven (Bike Park) wouldn't be run the same way as if you had only retirees staying at your park. Maybe a weekly email newsletter to keep guest informed of the rules and "Quiet Hours".  We would love to hear about your curfew rules!