Bringing More Campers Through Google Search Ads

We talked about paid search ads for Google and how they can increase visitors in your Campground and RV Park in our blog “10 Marketing Tools Every Campground Should Be Using”. In this article, we are going to focus on the local search ads and they can bring more last minute bookings to your park.


First, why local search ads different than regular search ads? Local search ads target people who are close to you and are actively searching for terms like “Rv Parks” or “Campgrounds”. These are people who are probably trying to find and book a stay ASAP. Therefore, if you do not accept day of reservations, these ads are not for you.


If you want to fill open spots you have left during select times or even days of the week, then these ads would work great.


So how do they work? When people search for nearby businesses on or Google Maps (for example, “RV PArks near me”), they may see local search ads that feature your business locations. Set up location extensions to show local search ads.

How do you set them up?

  • Create a Ad account on Google.

  • Bid for keywords like “RV Parks” and “RV Parks Near me”

  • Create an ad

  • Click Extensions

  • Add your address and phone number

  • Set Your Budget ( we recommend a modest budget of $3 per day until you see results)

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 3.11.20 PM.png

Here is an example of what they would look like.


Similarly, ads that feature your business location may also appear when users make similar searches on the Google Maps mobile app.


We hope these marketing tips help your RV Park or campground have the most successful year yet! Please let us know if you have any questions about park management and online reservations for your RV Park or Campground. If you need help setting up and running your ads, feel free reach out to our go-to marketers at Heart of the Sun.