Glamping: 5 tips when renovating or building new cabins

The allure of glamping, a word association of glamour and camping, comes from the age-old pleasure of having your cake and eating it too. For a growing number of people, glamping offers the escapism and adventure of the wilderness alongside the conveniences of refined, urban living. The effect is less classic rustic campground, and more upscale bed and breakfast.

So, what upgrades should you make to your cabins or tiny homes to accommodate these higher-end campers?

  1. Seclusion. Many “glampers” want it to appear like they are cutting off themselves off from the outside world. If it is possible to move your cabins or tiny homes to a secluded part of your park, start there. If not, try placing a few natural barriers between them and other cabins. Remember appearance is everything and it all starts with location.

  1. Speaking of appearance, with many “glampers” being Millennials, their appearance on social media means a lot. Therefore, offering photo worthy amenities, such as a hot tub overlooking a lake, fire pits, or large windows, will go a long way. Remember, your cabin doesn’t have to be big, just memorable.

  2. Although amenities do go a long way, don’t go overboard. If each room has satellite TV, your guests will feel like they’ve arrived at a hotel rather than a campground. Though your accommodations should be luxurious, they can’t be so extravagant as to dispel the guest’s idea that they’re “roughing it,” despite all foliage to the contrary.

  3. The interior of the cabins or tiny home is cannot go overlooked. Aim for eclectic rather than uniform. When selecting furniture, try to select items made from natural materials, with a “rough” look that still show high-quality manufacturing. Keep fabrics muted and avoid clutter. A few unique objects can go a long way.

  4. Finally, don’t forget about the exterior of the buildings. The guest should feel a seamless transition from your glampground into the surrounding scenery. This goes for both the inside and outside.

This growing trend has taken root in the camping industry and has carved out its own niche with subtle yet clear differences to the traditional camping experience. Let your personality, and that of your guest, shine through to this new age of outdoor luxury experiences.

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