Winterizing Your Campground

If you own a campground or RV Park in colder climates it’s vital that you winterize your cam at the end of the summer or fall. Not doing so will cost you a fortune in broken water pipes and in time starting at the beginning next season. Below are a few suggestions and tips to not only winterize your park but also make a little extra cash along the way. 

1. Take advantage of the money-making potential. 

The first thing we want to address, before the less fun stuff, is ways to make more money during the winter months. Sell things like s'more packages complete with clothes hangers. You can also stock up on sleds and extra blankets, either charging a little for rentals or asking for great reviews online in return for use for free. 

2. Water. 

Constantly winterizing and dewinterizing cabins is hard. So the first thing we would suggest is closing some cabins down for the winter. Once you have identified the cabins and community areas that will remain open, making sure your pipes don't crack should be number one on your list. The obvious answer is draining all your pipes and then blowing out the rest of the water with a compressor. 

Some people say putting a half cup of vodka or olive oil down the drain helps push out the rest of the water from pipes. Don't forget about the water heaters and garden hoses either! 

For those who do not have the luxury of flushing everything out and shutting down cabins, make sure your pipes are well insulated. Although it does cost money, pay a plumber to take care of it for you! It will pay off in the end. 

3. Run the heat. 

Leaving heat running in cabins not only can help with pipes freezing but also leaving the heat on at about 55 to 60 degrees prevents the buckling of grouted tiles in bathrooms and kitchen. Yes, you will be paying a little in utilities but this is better than having to replace plumbing or tile work. 

4. Storage. 

Walk to your seasonal and permanent guests to see what they are ok with putting up. If you have multiple community grills, perhaps you could put up and store all but 1. If people will not be using boats or kayaks, properly store them as well only leaving 2-4 for easy access. 

5. Repairs. 

Make sure to get small repairs done prior to winter in the fall so you don't spend the better part of your spring rushing to get ready for the summer months. 

We hope all these suggestions help you get reach for the fast approaching winter months. After you are done preparing for winter months, you might as well start thinking about ways to make your campground better for next year. One way we suggest, is allowing for easy reservations online and optimizing your management practices. Click Here to see how.